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        Stem Cell Antibodies

Stem cell research remains a growing area of scientific exploration, with numerous possibilities in various medical fields. Rockland maintains a large collection of reagents for bioimaging, immunofluorescence microscopy, multiplexed protein assays, ELISA, and Western blot analysis. These antibodies and antibody based tools include a rapidly expanding portfolio of flow cytometry reagents as well as antibodies, buffers, and protocols for cell signaling analysis. Research in developmental biology has led to the discovery of several types of stem cells, including embryonic stem cells, embryonic germ cells and adult stem cells.

Oct-4 is a protein that is critically involved in the self-renewal of undifferentiated embryonic stem cells and is used as a marker for undifferentiated cells. Oct-4 expression must be closely regulated as too much or too little will cause differentiation of the cells. Rockland's Oct 4 antibody recognizes the pluripotency marker Oct4, expressed in Embryonic Stem Cells and Embryonic Germ Cells. Protect your experiments with Rockland antibodies. Compromise elsewhere.

Featured Stem Cell Antibodies:

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Antibodies for Stem Cell Research

Anti-Angiopoietin 2 (RABBIT) Antibody 100-401-402 E, WB, O 200 µL

Anti-Apolipoprotein E (GOAT) Antibody 600-101-197 E, WB, IHC, IP, O 100 µg

Anti-Bmi1 (GOAT) Antibody 600-101-392 E, WB, IFM, O 100 µg

Anti-Bovine VEGF-A (RABBIT) Antibody 200-401-B74 E, WB 100 µg

Anti-C/EBP delta (RABBIT) Antibody 600-401-A61 E, WB, IP, O 100 µg

Anti-Collagen Type II (RABBIT) Antibody 600-401-104-0.1 E, WB, IHC, IP, O 100 µg

Anti-Collagen Type III (RABBIT) Antibody 600-401-105-0.1 E, WB, IHC, IP, O 100 µg

Anti-Collagen Type IV (RABBIT) Antibody 600-401-106-0.1 E, WB, IHC, IP, O 100 µg

Anti-Cripto-1 (TDGF1) (RABBIT) Antibody 600-401-997 E, WB, IHC, O 100 µg

Anti-DELTA-4 (RABBIT) Antibody 600-401-696 E, WB, IHC, O 100 µg

Anti-F-box only protein 4 (FBX4) [RABBIT) Antibody 100-401-963 E, WB, O 100 µL

Anti-Fibronectin (Human) (RABBIT) Antibody 600-401-117-0.1 E, WB, IHC, IP, O 100 µg

Anti-GADD45γ (gamma) (RABBIT) Antibody 100-401-863 E, WB, IP 100 µL

Anti-GM-CSF (RABBIT) Antibody 209-401-314 E, WB, O 100 µg

Anti-GM-CSF (RABBIT) Antibody 210-401-314 E, WB, O 500 µg

Anti-Human BDNF (RABBIT) Antibody 209-401-C27 E, WB, O 100 µg

Anti-Human IL-8 (RABBIT) Antibody 109-401-311 E, WB, IHC, IP, O 1 mL

Anti-Human SGK-1 (Rabbit) 200-401-844 E, WB, IC 500 µg

Anti-Human Sprouty-2 (RABBIT) Antibody 600-401-241 E, WB, O 100 µg

Anti-Human TNF p55 Receptor (sTNFRp55) (RABBIT) Antibody 109-401-308 E, WB, O 1 mL

Anti-Human TNF-α (RABBIT) Antibody 209-401-306 E, WB, O 1 mg

Anti-Human VEGF-121 (RABBIT) Antibody 209-401-C23 E, WB, O 100 µg

Anti-iASPP (RABBIT) Antibody 600-401-926 E, WB, IHC, O 100 µg

Anti-Jagged-2 [RABBIT) Antibody 600-401-852 E, WB, O 100 µg

Anti-LDB1 (CLIM2) (RABBIT) Antibody 600-401-350 E, ChIP, WB, O 100 µg

Anti-LDB2 (CLIM1) (RABBIT) Antibody 600-401-459 E, WB, O 100 µg

Anti-Leptin (RABBIT) Antibody 110-401-320 E, WB 1 mL

Anti-Leptin (RABBIT) Antibody 210-401-320 E, WB, IHC, O 1 mg

Anti-LGR4 (MOUSE) Monoclonal Antibody 200-301-B45 E, WB, IC 100 µg

Anti-LIM Kinase (RABBIT) Antibody 600-401-855 E, IFM, WB 100 µg

Anti-Mouse TNF-α (RABBIT) Antibody 210-401-321 E, WB, O 1 mg

Anti-Myosin pS19/pS20 (RABBIT) Antibody 600-401-416 E, WB, IHC, IP, O 100 µg

Anti-Nestin (RABBIT) Antibody 600-401-417 E, WB, O 100 µg

Anti-NOTCH 1 (Cleaved N terminal) (Human specific) (RABBIT) Antibody 100-401-407 E, WB, O 200 µL

Anti-NOTCH 1 (intra) (RABBIT) Antibody 100-401-405 E, WB, IHC, O 200 µL

Anti-NOTCH 2 (Cleaved N terminal) (Human specific) (RABBIT) Antibody 100-401-408 E, WB, IHC, O 200 µL

Anti-NOTCH 2 (intra) (Human specific) (RABBIT) Antibody 100-401-406 E, WB, IHC, O 200 µL

Anti-Oct-4 (RABBIT) Antibody 600-401-A95 E, IFM, WB, IP 100 µg

Anti-Osteopontin (RABBIT) Antibody 100-401-404 E, WB, IHC, IP, O 200 µL

Anti-PPAR alpha (N-terminal specific) (RABBIT) Antibody 600-401-421 E, WB, IHC, O 100 µg

Anti-PPAR gamma 1 and 2 (internal) (RABBIT) Antibody 600-401-419 E, WB, O 100 µg

Anti-PPAR gamma 2 (N-terminal specific) (RABBIT) Antibody 600-401-418 E, WB, O 100 µg

Anti-Sipa1 (RABBIT) Antibody 600-401-A36 E, WB, IHC, O 100 µg

Anti-SMAD1 (RABBIT) Antibody 600-401-B29 E, WB, O 100 µg

Anti-SMAD1 pS206 (RABBIT) Antibody 600-401-B23 E, WB, O 100 µg

Anti-SMAD3 (C terminal) (RABBIT) Antibody 600-401-920 E, WB, IHC, O 100 µg

Anti-SMAD3 (internal) (RABBIT) Antibody 600-401-973 E, WB, O 100 µg

Anti-SMAD3 pS423 pS425 (RABBIT) Antibody 600-401-919 E, WB, ICH, O 100 µg

Anti-Smad3 pT179 (RABBIT) Antibody 600-401-C48 E, WB, O 100 µg

Anti-Sprouty-4 (RABBIT) Antibody 600-401-697 E, WB, ICH, O 100 µg

Anti-Swine TNFα (RABBIT) Antibody 214-401-306 E, WB, IHC 100 µg

Anti-Telomerase Associated Protein 1 (TEP1) (RABBIT) Antibody 600-401-A63 E, WB 100 µg

Anti-Telomerase catalytic subunit (RABBIT) Antibody 600-401-252 E, IFM, WB, ICH, IP 100 µg

Anti-VEGF (RABBIT) Antibody 209-401-B99 E, WB, O 100 µg

Anti-Wnt1 (MOUSE) Monoclonal Antibody 200-301-A37 E, WB, O 100 µg

Anti-Wnt1 (RABBIT) Antibody 600-401-A37 E, WB 100 µg

Anti-Wnt10b (Rabbit) Antibody 600-401-C05 E, WB, IC, O 100 µg

Proteins for Stem Cell Research

Osteopontin CONTROL PEPTIDE 000-000-404 O 50 µg

TNF-α Human Recombinant Protein 009-001-306 O 50 µg

GM-CSF Human Recombinant Protein 009-001-314 O 10 µg

Leptin Human Recombinant Protein 009-001-320 O 1000 µg

VEGF-165 Human Recombinant Protein 009-001-B99 O 10 µg

VEGF-121 Human Recombinant Protein 009-001-C23 O 10 µg

BDNF Human Recombinant Protein 009-001-C27 O 10 µg

GM-CSF Mouse Recombinant Protein 010-001-314 O 20 µg

Leptin Mouse Recombinant Protein 010-001-320 O 1000 µg

TNF-α Mouse Recombinant Protein 010-001-321 O 20 µg


Applications Key: E - Elisa, IF - Immunofluorescence, IHC - Immunohistochemistry, WB - Western Blotting, IP - ImmunoPrecipitation, IF - Microscopy, IC - Immunochemistry

Secondary Antibodies for Immunofluorescence Microscopy

Secondary antibody conjugates are ideal for various immunofluorescence based assays including fluorescent western blotting, immunofluorescence microscopy, FLISA, and Flow Cytometry. Rockland conjugates a broad group of secondary antibodies to many of the classic and next generation fluorescent markers including fluorescein, Texas Red, and Phycoerythrin, providing depth and breadth for today’s high level research. Learn more about secondary antibody conjugates at the links below.


TrueBlot® Mouse
Western Blot kit



The Mouse TrueBlot® Western Blot Kit contains the critical supporting reagents, buffers, and substrates for Stem Cell immunoprecipitation and Western blotting of samples using TrueBlot second step immunoblotting reagents in conjunction with your own primary IP antibody and primary (Mouse IgG) Western blotting antibody. TrueBlot technology enables unhindered detection of protein bands of interest which would otherwise be obscured by the presence of reduced and denatured heavy and light chain immunoglobulin in the blot (as detected by the conventional immunoblotting HRP anti-mouse IgG reagent). Mouse IgG TrueBlot® ULTRA is the unique horseradish peroxidase conjugated anti-mouse IgG immunoblotting second step reagent which enables detection of Stem Cell immunoblotted target protein bands, without hindrance by interfering immunoglobulin heavy and light chains from your IP antibody. Use it in place of your usual HRP anti-mouse IgG immunoblotting second step reagent. It is easy to generate publication-quality Stem Cell IP Western Blot data with Mouse IgG TrueBlot® ULTRA.



Mouse IgG TrueBlot ULTRA is ideal for use in protocols involving immunoblotting of immunoprecipitated proteins. TrueBlot preferentially detects the non-reduced form of mouse IgG over the reduced, SDS-denatured form of IgG. When the immunoprecipitate is fully reduced immediately prior to SDS-gel electrophoresis, reactivity of Mouse IgG TrueBlot ULTRA with the 55 kDa heavy chains and the 23 kDa light chains of the immunoprecipitating antibody is minimized thereby eliminating interference by the heavy and light chains of the immunoprecipitating antibody in Stem Cell IP Western Blotting applications. Applications include studies examining post-translational modification (e.g., phosphorylation or acetylation) or protein-protein interactions.


GFP IP / Western Blotting comparison of TrueBlot and conventional reagents