Game of Clones

Game of Clones, House Epitope  

Rockland's Game of Clones


A year-long themed promotion available to US customers. The allied houses are featured and paired with a relevant sales promotion.


The days are shortening and you barely see the sun anymore. Are you spending all your waking hours in the lab or is winter coming? You have an impending sense of doom. Is the deadline for your thesis on the horizon or are the white walkers approaching? It’s not just a Song of Charts and Blots anymore, it’s the Game of Clones. In 2015, Rockland's dominant houses are forming alliances with our researchers, clients and customers. The promotions highlight special products and promotions throughout the year. Each House represents a large range of Rockland’s products, all designed with high-quality and ease-of-use in mind… Because research shouldn’t feel like you’re at the Red Wedding.


This month's featured house is: 

House Protein


Like the men of the night's watch, proteins bond together to give you the most conclusive data.
Unbonded, Unfolded, Undamaged.


Special Promotion:


Free $25 Amazon Gift Card*

During the month of November, when you buy a protein and spend a minimum of $300, you'll receive a free Free $25 Amazon Gift Card at the end of the month. Use promo code GOCNOV15 at checkout. 
*Offer valid until November 30th, 2015.
Valid for US & Canada only. 




Check back monthly for different promotions!




House Secondary

Versatile, Robust and Useful;
Conjugated or Unlabeled;
Functional in all Immunoassays,
'Valar Dohaeris'.

The End is Near.

House Primary

A top-quality antibody
can be the most
powerful weapon in a
researcher's arsenal.

Secondary is Coming.

 House Blood

There is power in a

king's blood. From

red blood cells to

plasma, let it aid you

in various types of research.
We Do Not Clot.

 House Custom

Whether it is uncommon
or newly discovered,
you don't have to go
beyond the wall to
find antibodies that
work for your experiments.

Uniquely Tailored.

House Epitope

Engineered to minimize
tertiary structure disruptions
while hunting for localization
and recombinants, they
always find their targets.

Ours is the Determinant.