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        Cell Culture Services

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At Rockland, our experience and capabilities enable us to provide Custom Cell Culture Services to meet our client's wishes.  We offer a number of different service from basic cell culture, large scale culture and production, and cell storage service. When combined these services form the basis for a complete cell culture package. Whatever stage in the research process, we are confident we can support your cell culture and call storage needs.


Our Custom Cell Culture Services include the following:




Cell Culture and Antibody Production

With over 30 years of experience in culturing various cell lines for antibody and protein production, we can produce cell culture material from both adherent and suspension lines. Materials are routinely produced in T-Flask, roller bottles and stir tanks. Other large capacity methods are also available for large scale production requirements.  

  • Stationary Flask Cell Culture- MAB-059    
  • Roller Bottle Cell Culture - MAB-062  
  • 15 Liter  Batch Bioreactor - MAB-033 (inquire about other amounts)



 Cell Banking Services

Custom Cell Banking services are flexible and allow us to meet client specific requests. Our Custom Services group researches and creates both master and working cell banks specific to each client's individual requirements. Upon request, cell line stability services can also be provided. 

  • Master Cell Banking - MAB-022, MAB-025
  • Cryopreservation of Parental Cell Line - MAB-016 



Cell Storage Service

Cell storage for small and large cell banks can be provided on an annual basis. Consider Rockland's robust cell storage facilities as a primary or secondary storage location for your most respected cell lines. 

We urge you to not risk our valuable research to one limited storage location.  

Cell Line Testing Service

  Rockland can perform Mycoplasma and Sterility for Rockland or client produced cell lines. 

  • Mycoplasma Test for Cell Lines  - MAB-012
  • Map Test for Cell Lines (per cell line) - MAB-013  



Cell Viability Studies

We can perform cell viability and cell proliferation studies for Rockland or client produced cell lines. Each assay provides a unique snapshot of cell health. When combined, these assays can form the basis for cell viability and overall health.

  • Intracellular ThiolEZ™ Cell Survival Assay Kit - KLD-004
  • Oxphos™ Cell Survival Assay Kit -  KLD-002
  • RadChemDosi™ Cell Survival Assay Kit - KLD-003
  • CellCountEZ™ Cell Survival Assay Kit - KLD-001



Media Optimization Studies

Customized Media Optimization Studies are offered to include doubling times, viability and protein production parameters. Studies are fully customizable.



For information on Custom Monoclonal Antibody Production, click here.

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