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Rockland’s experience in working with antibodies allows us to process immunoglobulins into their constituent components. In some assays, it is preferable to use only the antigen-binding (Fab) portion of the antibody to prevent the constant (Fc) portion from binding to some cell surface receptors. For these applications, antibodies may be enzymatically digested using papain or pepsin to produce a Fab, Fc or F(ab')2 fragment of the antibody. Rockland's high-quality antibody fragmentation services will provide you with optimum yields and predictable results for F(ab’)2, Fab and Fc fragments.

In an experimental setting, Fc and Fab fragments can be generated in the laboratory. The enzyme papain can be used to cleave an immunoglobulin monomer into two Fab fragments and an Fc fragment. The enzyme pepsin cleaves below hinge region, so a F(ab')2 fragment and a pFc' fragment is formed.

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